About us

BREIJA is a Swedish equestrian brand that was launched at the beginning of 2023. With a focus on function, comfort and design our goal is to develop riding clothes that are both sporty, functional and stylish. We use the latest technology in material selection to be able to create products well adapted to the sport.

For us, it's important that every rider should be comfortable all these hours spent in the stables and on horseback. Unlike many other sports that are practiced for a few hours a week, many riders spend several hours a day in the stable. The developments in equestrian fashion have gone at rocket speed and never before have we been as comfortable in the stable as now. Our riding breeches offer outstanding comfort in technical material with a lot of stretch so that you are not restricted, while the breeches provide proper support in the saddle and stays in place.

It is not only the rider who should be as comfortable as possible. Through knowledge of different materials and their properties, we can develop as good and well-adapted products for the purpose as possible. The underside of our saddle pads is made of undyed and unbleached cotton to be as gentle on the horse as possible.

In addition to developing products that are well adapted to the sport where function, comfort and design meet, our vision is to show the sport from its true side. In order to create healthy ideals, we do not use models with a lot of makeup in our content. Instead we use riders who practice the sport and who are talented role models.

Horse riding is a fantastic sport that engages an incredible number of people. The interaction between horse and rider is truly something completely unique. It is a real pleasure to be active in the sport and to meet ambitious riders.